Disordered Eating Recovery + Body Trust that invites your whole self to the table. You may be unsure as to whether your struggle with food and body qualifies as disordered OR you may have found yourself in Eating Disorder treatment labeled as “atypical”. Together, we can examine and challenge anti-fat bias, and learn to reconnect with and honor your body’s needs.

Relationships in all their forms. My approach to working relationally is grounded in understanding how childhood attachment experiences inform our present relationships. Together we will examine the roles we fall into, and strengthen your capacity as a more secure family member, friend and partner.

LGBTQIA+ lived and affirming care. Queerness may be part of the constellation that makes you, you. Together we can explore what this means for you, as well as possibilities for feeling more embodied and expansive.

Life Transitions including affirming gender exploration, body changes, cohabitating with partners, ending relationships, adjusting to new environments. I can support you in defining your core values, and expand your capacity to balance agency and acceptance while navigating change.