What happens when we internalize colonial harm and call it culture?
Can we imagine and practice alternative ways of being with each other?

My goal in this practice is to offer a space of collective learning that prioritizes accountability, one where we can navigate and process the effects of white supremacy, anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, anti-fat bias, transphobia, ableism and colorism within a therapeutic relationship built on mutual respect and consent.

My areas of focus include:

LGBTQIA+ experiences across the spectrum and lifespan. Queerness may be one part of the constellation that makes you you. Together we can explore what this means for you, as well as possibilities for feeling more embodied and whole.

Disordered Eating Recovery inclusive of your cultural foods and values, rooted in Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. Beneath disordered eating there is often trauma in one form or another, resulting in a profound need to create safety in our own body. Whether you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder or want peace in your relationship with your body and food, you deserve support!

Relational Issues among couples, partners, families, friends, workplace relationships. My approach to working with relationships is grounded in understanding how childhood attachment styles and traumas inform our adult attachments. This awareness allows us to understand the roles we play in relationships, as well as our pain points, and creates space to focus on building your skillset in nonviolent communication, conflict resolution, and becoming a more secure partner, friend, and peer.

Life Transitions including gender, body changes, grief, loss, beginning and ending relationships, cohabitating with partners, adjusting to new environments. I can support you in defining your core values and boundaries, and in increasing your coping skills to help you stay rooted while navigating change.