Hola! I am a Latine queer woman and Los Angeles-based therapist. I can support you in connecting with your body and emotions beneath intellectual thinking, for more ease, integration, and choice in your daily life.

I believe all people in all bodies deserve respect and care, and that healing can be all the more powerful when rooted in our unique cultural experiences. My goal in therapy is to collaborate with you to facilitate change that you can feel in your body, and that includes all dimensions of who you are. In my work, I incorporate somatic practices that prioritize our body’s wisdom and lived experience, as well as DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and mindfulness (borrowed from Buddhist practice) to expand our capacity to navigate and withstand life’s challenges. Humor is essential in my life and the same is true in my therapy practice. If you are interested in working together or feel curious to learn more, please reach out and we can set up a free 15-minute consultation.

No es fácil pedir ayuda y el estigma de buscar apoyo para nuestra salud mental a veces nos impide obtener la tranquilidad que merecemos. Como terapeuta, deseo acompañarte y juntes colaborar para realizar el cambio que tú deseas. Ofrezco terapia en Inglés, Español y Spanglish. Si gustas saber más sobre mi trabajo, no dudes en contactarme para programar una consulta gratuita de 15 minutos.

​Supervised by Vanessa Spooner, Psy.D. PSY24942 at Echo Park Creative Psychology